Hugh Parks lives in Grand Manan New Brunswick, Canada. A native of   St George NB,  his home and wood carving shop located near  the Castalia Marsh Bird Sanctuary, Grand Manan, NB. A wild life enthusiast since childhood, Hugh began carving decoys in 1988 as a hobby. 

As his love for the art intensified and demand for his work increased, birds of prey and song birds were added to the collection. 

Hugh’s art is sold in Canada, and is sold internationally in the United States, Australia, England & Samoa.

To own a realistic bird carving by Hugh Parks is to have an original sculpture. Even though I may carve the same species of bird, each sculpture has its own personality.

My wood carvings start from a drawing or pattern of a bird which captures it's true essence. I transfer the design on Tupelo wood. Then use tools which enable me to carve with extremely fine detail. It is this detail that contributes to the realism of my carvings. to further enhance the realism of my birds, I wood burn feather texture in the feathers of the birds. Then I use painting skills to capture the bird's true coloring with acrylic paint. finally, the bird is mounted on a unique piece of wood in a setting to where it might be seen in the wild.